The Polo Game: An Ultimate Guide To Wearing Polo Shirts


The Polo Game: An Ultimate Guide To Wearing Polo Shirts 


Every man needs to own at least a pair or two of polo shirts in his wardrobe. Why you may ask? For decades now, polo shirts have been one of the most timeless, most classic pieces of clothing that pairs well with almost every wardrobe item: be it a chinos, shorts, or denims.



But where polos are considered a wardrobe staple, it is also important for you to know them better so that you find ones that speak to your style! Worry not, and keep scrolling cause we’ve curated a guide to wearing polos for every man who wants to nail every detail of their look down to the tee (pun intended).


1. One of the primary things to keep in mind when shopping for polos is that it shouldn’t be too tight. It is important to leave some breathing room, but loose sleeves are a strict no! You don’t wanna look lousy in loose polos.



2. The sleeve-length has to be kept in mind when you shop for polos. Half is the sweet spot because you don’t want to show your biceps with quarter sleeves and anything more than half can never be considered a polo!


3. The length of your Polo shirts must never be longer than just grazing your belt, unless of course you decide to tuck it into your pants! Make sure that keep the length in check when you shop your polos so that the shirt flatters your form!



4. There are many different fabrics and styles when it comes to polos! When paired with formal trousers, you can go for finer fabrics like knit polo, or a cashmere polo. But for sportier, more casual events, fabrics like cotton, terry or linen are perfect!



5. For regular wear, especially in the summers, opt for breathable and easy to care fabrics and solid, basic colors. These kinds of polo shirts are timeless, versatile and great for everyday stylish looks!




So there you have it! We’re glad you’re better acquainted with the 5 basic rules to keep in mind when you shop for polos! And if you’re ready to add some to your wardrobe, shop these fire looks on the End of Season sale live now on!